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Rippled Tourism — Family Service Trip

The travel experience of a lifetime to Bangalore, India… shared with your child!


Sunday Arrival - DeAnne will meet you at the airport!

  • Explore the sights & sounds of Bangalore in the markets of Commerce Street.

  • Get a taste of India over a delicious dinner.

Monday - Thursday

  • Traditional Indian breakfast every morning.

  • Morning discussion to review the day and set our intention.

  • 9am -Noon serve our 41 students. DeAnne to integrate you and your child’s passions (yoga, science, soccer, art, etc.) to make learning come alive for everyone!

  • Lunch and rest.

  • Evening activities which may include bringing a hot meal to a tent community, discovering new parts of the city through food, and student home visits.


  • Adventure filled Jeep safari to view lions, tigers and bears in their habitat!

Saturday Depature


Safety and comfort are critical. DeAnne has been staying at the CEO CENTRE, a beautiful property 10 minutes from the school for years. WiFi can be spotty at times, but the AC always works, unless there is a blackout which usually doesn’t last very long. It’s “Incredible India” after all.